Shoppes R US (US being DW)

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Shoppes R US (US being DW)

Post by Growler »

Did the Elves &/or Dwarves shoppes ever git implemented?

If so, where be they?

Any shops outside Renny-blister?

Only shops I know are Imperial, Starfire, Valor, Landru's, and 2~3 General Shoppes.
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Post by chaney »

I never found any other shops, though that would be a good thing to add in the wilderness.
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Other Shops

Post by jorgea »

So far I do not know of any new shops
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Post by KSS »

When I dabbled with modding, I tried to find event codes for the missing shoppes, based on the ones of the implemented ones, with no result; I think the Elven and Dwarven shoppes were never implemented in the code...

Too bad.

(But you can build your own shop with a script, even though the interface is less friendly than the actual shoppes; that's what I did in my last add-on; check the script if you're interested)
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